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Lynx-Sparks Game Three, Anthony Bennett News

The Lynx face a decisive third game against the L.A. Sparks at Target Center

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Lynx season hangs in the balance tonight when they face the Sparks at Target Center at 8:00 pm CDT in the deciding third game of their opening round playoff series. After squeaking through in the opener at home, the Lynx dropped game two in L.A., and face the decider tonight. This series exemplifies what much of the season has been like for the Lynx: lots of stops and starts.  Overall good play, but streaks of difficulties and times when they have shown their age.

A loss in the first round of the playoffs would be a bitter pill for this team that has been in three Finals in the last five years, with two titles. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Elsewhere, as I wrote about last night, the Wolves are apparently working on a buyout with Anthony Bennett, who will look for a situation that will provide more playing time. The Wolves are pretty crowded up front, at least in theory, with the additions of Karl Anthony Towns and Nemanja Bjelica along with re-signing Kevin Garnett.

One thing I didn't mention last night, but this is further fall out from the Adriean Payne trade, which has apparently crowded out Bennett.  This despite Bennett being significantly younger at at least arguably better than Payne, who had a terrible rookie year in Minnesota following his start with the Hawks.

While I'm not a particular fan of either player, and am fine with having the roster spot and not having Bennett, I would prefer to keep Bennett around one more year to see if anything good happens rather than Payne.

I'm tired and running super late, so no history this morning. Sorry.

I'm on a roll with musical birthdays though, and it continues today with Joan Jett, born in 1958.

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