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Clyde’s House of Highlights: The Season Opener

I know it was a loss, but these highlights are still boss.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there all my howlin’ House of Highlights homeslices!

Thank goodness NBA basketball has returned! Unfortunately, our opening night hopes were spurned by the gritty Grizzlies.

At first, the Timberwolves dominated, but they ultimately left the FedEx Forum feeling deflated.

At least the 9-0 run was a ton of fun!

And they continued to run & gun till it was 16 to 1!

And Dunn certainly looks fast and athletic enough for the NBA:

Karl jitterbugs into the lane, making the Grizzlies look like they are covered in molasses,

and then he dunks on all their asses!

Ricky gets the hoop and the harm:

Instead of feeling blue and down, the young Timberwolves hung around:

Karl tries his hand at spinning & winning! (Is KAT just that fleet, or did he switch pivot feet?)

Down The Stretch:

Towns knocked down a huge shot, but was the victim of a vicious swat!

Zach was bold & ice cold with a pull up three fading to his right!

Despite his plus/minus, Conley was Memphis’ finest.

Memphis’ propulsing of the Wolves left their fans convulsing!