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Warriors Wax Wolves, 115-102

The beating was severe, but Andrew Wiggins may have thrown down the Dunk-of-the-Year!

Heading into tonight’s game, Golden State was favored by 15.5 points. Based on the fact that the Wolves had won the second game of every back-to-back this year, however, ‘ol Clyde held out hope.

Sure, using a sample size of two makes one a dope, but you gotta look on the bright side, rather than mope. The Warriors threes did splash, but at least betting on the Wolves was rewarded with cash!

As usual, the Wolves started out well, but spent the second half descending into 3-point hell. They outscored the Warriors 33-30 in the first quarter, and held the Warriors scoreless for close to 5 minutes, spanning the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Gorgui and Zach played with confidence, finishing as the Wolves’ two most efficient shooters, and exhibiting their chemistry in the two-man game yet again:

Dave Benz. Your calls are so stale, you’d make my suits go pale, my man.


“Authoritay!!!” in a Cartman homage. Dave, if you are reading this, please watch Hot Hicket, episode 3 of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” series on Netflix. It’s a great show.

You sure make me appreciate working with lean, mean Mike Breen. Doesn’t he look like Roger Sterling from Mad Men?

Karl-Anthony Towns was posting and toasting, as well as spinning and winning tonight, but his performance was distressing, as well as impressing. I’m worried about KAT falling in love with long-range furls, instead of low post twirls! 1-6 from three, and 1-2 from the line are gross, especially for a man whose skills are the most!

Honestly though, I was worried in a hurry, and not only because of Steph Curry. The Warriors scored with ease, while the Wolves relied on isos and post-ups. It is truly a thing of beauty to behold three of the greatest shooters and scorers ever playing in unison so smoothly and without ego. What Kevin Durant can do for a man his size is unfair:

And what Steph Curry can do is without compare:

Let’s end on a high note - no pun intended. Shortly after being on the receiving end of a McGee block, Andrew Wiggins let his ‘hawk do his talk. A Man-of-Plastic, Mr. Fantastic, super-elastic, definitely drastic tomahawk slam all over JaVale McGee!!!

Following last night’s Zach attack, the Wolves have two Dunk-of-the-Year candidates, back-to-back! Check out Top-10 announcer Beau Estes give a Clyde impression his bestest:

“At number one, it’s Zach LaVine on his trampoline, getting’ obscene.

Just straight baptizing Alex Len, and that’s muy bien!”

My man.