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Towns Astounds With 47, But Knicks Steal A 106-104 Victory

Oh well. The game was swell and KAT was tough as hell!


My announcing partner, Mike Breen billed the Karl-Anthony Towns/Kristaps Porzingis matchup as “The Battle of the Buddies,” and it was definitely one of the best big man showdowns I have ever seen in the regular season.

Towns was playing like a man possessed, mauling and appalling the Knicks in the 1st quarter! He finished it with 22 points, 7 rebounds, a steal and perfect 8-for-8 shooting.

Witness Towns astound as he:

Percolates early, moving and grooving on the baseline,

Swoops and hoops,

Uses dexterity to create havoc in transition!

Towns continued to bully the Knicks’ interior defenders, led the game in rebounding, played exciting help defense and finished with a career high 47 points on 15-27 shooting, along with 20 appearances at the free throw line, 18 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists and a steal. Unreal.

Behold Towns dominate both ends as he:

Intimidates and harasses penetrators,

Slams and jams in transition,

Mesmerizes with his agility and mobility

And, of course, posts & toasts!

Kristaps Porzingis rose to KAT’s challenge, however, finishing with 29 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 three-pointers, and 2 soul-crushing blocks on the big KAT.

In this clip, 7-3 KP:

Devastates when his teammates orchestrate,

Hits an unreal spinning shot from the free throw line,

Leaves KAT and the Wolves feeling rejected and dejected at the rim.

Though they trailed for much of the game, the Wolves rallied to make a 20-3 run and tie the score at 102:

Ultimately, Carmelo Anthony’s resurrection led to the Timberwolves’ dejection. You could also say, his rejuvenation led to the Wolves’ ruination. Despite shooting an airball late in the fourth, Melo posted and toasted Wiggins, who was tantalized and mesmerized by his swish. Next, Anthony sealed the deal with a steal:

The game could have easily gone the other way, and though I clearly have my reasons to favor the Knicks, it was obvious to both Mike Breen and I that the referees blew crucial calls to inadvertently aid New York:

Oh well. The game was swell and Karl-Anthony Towns was tough as hell! Will he keep it up? I think he shall.

Frazier Frivolities:

Did anyone else notice Zach LaVine got so excited with KAT’s play that, at the end of the 2nd quarter, he rammed his shoulder into KAT’s sternum? Karl winced and responded, “Not so hard, Zach!”

Listen to how beautifully I say Bjelica:

I just love this team. I hope we get to see this same huddle many, many more times:

Since this is also a Bucks blog, you guys will appreciate this. Giannis is truly awesome, and Beau Estes,’s Top-10 announcer, is my long-lost brother-from-another-mother:

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my main man, Minh. He’s the owner of Trieu Chau, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant to dine at when the Knicks are near Saint Paul. Minh is also a Canis Hoopus community member, and one of the biggest Wolves fans around. Nate, AKA Stop-n-Pop, has given him a shout out before. He’ll be happy to talk Wolves with you while serving up a delicious meal. Ask for the Clyde Frazier special - grilled beef bûn, an order of egg rolls, and extra fish sauce!