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Wednesday Notes: Wolves in Denver, Pace of Play

Open thread. You know what to do.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! Have an open thread.

I’ve got nothing. The Wolves are in Denver to take on the fighting Laynes tonight—you will remember that depressing early season loss to the Nugs that featured another brutal third quarter collapse.

We’ll have more on this match up later.

Jace Frederick wrote a piece over at the Pioneer Press about the Wolves looking to push the pace more given their youth and athleticism. They are below average in pace, which seems odd, but will need to get more defensive stops to get out in transition.

Other Wolves stuff...

Ricky Rubio will be trying to be the first player ever to have three straight 10 assist/zero turnover games tonight.

He won’t get there this year, but it’s looking like Zach LaVine could have a 50/40/90 season someday. Which, I freely admit, I did not see coming. Good on you Zach.

Meanwhile, what else?

Kevin Durant railed against the NBA Last Two Minute reports, calling it bullshit that the league throws the refs under the bus like that. I have to say, he has a point.

Naylor has a trivia question:

So basically, talk among yourselves.