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NBA Trade Deadline: Wolves Unlikely to Make Moves

The trade deadline is Thursday at 2 pm CST. But you knew that. You also probably know that a lot more gets talked about than actually happens.

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Just a few random thoughts about the trade deadline for a Tuesday morning with no basketball for the next couple of days.

Gonna leave the Rubio stuff alone. We talked about it enough yesterday. I'll be shocked if he's traded.

Otherwise, I doubt we see the Wolves do anything, though I'm beginning to think it's possible they move Shabazz Muhammad. I would still guess it's a long shot to happen, but if teams are interested, I would guess the Wolves are talking.

I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, he seems to have stagnated, and his numbers are mostly down from last year. His defense has not improved measurably, and mostly because of that he remains one of the poorest players getting regular time in the league according to measures like RPM. Given that, if teams are interested enough to actually trade something of even moderate value in exchange, it makes sense to do it.

On the other hand, I enjoy watching him when he's going well. I love his relentless pursuit of the ball, and sometimes of shots (when they're going in). He brings a noticeable energy and an edge to a team that frankly seems to lack guys with edge for the most part. Of course, that whole idea could be bullshit, but I do like watching him.

Ultimately it's always the better guess to assume a guy won't be traded, but it wouldn't shock me to see it at this point.

Otherwise...the Wolves might find a taker for Kevin Martin, though his theoretical wrist problem and fact that he hasn't played in a while can't be helping. It wouldn't surprise me if they can't find a taker at his salary.

What else Wolves wise?  I suppose some team might offer to take Andre Miller. Frankly, given that the return would be nothing, I'd just as soon keep him, but I think if you get a firm offer you go to him and let him decide.

Doogie suggested that the Wolves are one of the teams talking to Sacramento about Ben McLemore.  Don't know what they would be looking for or what the Wolves would offer, but he wouldn't be the worst pick up. Seems to be rounding into form as a three point shooter and while he isn't good defensively, he also isn't quite a Shabazzian catastrophe. I wouldn't pay starter price for him, but he could be a useful backup.

Around the league...big names always get thrown around at the deadline, but it's so tough to get things done. Dwight Howard...I'm sure the Rockets are asking for the moon, when he simply isn't worth any celestial body at this point in his career.

Sounds like the Hawks may actually do something with Al Horford; we'll see what, but I doubt it makes them better. Horford is pretty damn good.

Unless things are even messier in the locker room than I imagine with the Cavs, I don't see why they would trade Kevin Love. It isn't going to help them win a championship this year, which has to be their goal. Or at least, I don't think it will.

Anyway, talk about today's rumors in the comments. What else is there to do?

Today in history

374: 9th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet. 
1741: Ben Franklin's "General Magazine" begins publication
1854: Liszt's "Orpheus" symphony premieres
1857: Galludet College (for the deaf) founded in Washington DC
1862: Union army under U.L. Grant captures Ft. Donelson
1916: German ambassador promises to pay indemnity for sinking of Lusitania in attempt to keep U.S. out of war. 
1917: Synagogue opens in Madrid; first Synagogue in over 400 years in the city. 
1923: Howard Carter opens the tomb of King Tut
1937: Dupont Corp. patents Nylon. 
1950: "What's My Line" premieres on CBS television
1959: Fidel Castro names himself Cuban premier following overthrow of Batista. 
1985: Founding of Hezbollah

Several interesting musical birthdays to choose from, including such diverse artists as Johann Strauss and Sonny Bono. But we'll go local, with Minneapolis' own Patty Andrews, youngest and lead singer of the Andrews Sisters, born in 1918 (d. 2013)

Have a great Tuesday.