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Thursday Therapy: Trade Deadline Open Thread

Will the Wolves do everything? Nothing? Somewhere in between? Join your friendly neighborhood blog as we count down the remaining five hours to the 2016 trade deadine, and likely watch a whole bunch of things happen with teams that don't live in Minnesota.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, and welcome to a special edition trade deadline edition of Thursday Therapy. If you'll recall last season, deadline day got a bit exciting for those of us paying special attention to the Minnesota Timberwolves, with Kevin Garnett returning home. Today figures to be less exciting for the Wolves, but here are some things that may or may not happen both in the Twin Cities and around the league.

Will the Wolves do anything?

The Wolves' situation is simple enough. They would like to move Kevin Martin, but his contract and player option for next year make that difficult. Martin wants to go to a winning team "as a reward for his professionalism and mentoring of young teammates", but he (as he should) has no interest in waiving his player option for next season. There have been rumblings that the Wolves may buy him out this week should no one come calling, and that really would not surprise me.

Other than that, if the Wolves find a deal they like, they could make it. While assorted members of the Wolves have come up as possible interests of other teams, the only real player the talking heads have connected with the Wolves is the Kings' Ben McLemore. A deal involving Shabazz Muhammad could probably work. Other than Bazz, Adreian Payne and Andre Miller's names have come up, but I doubt the Wolves move Miller at the least.

The thing I wish the Wolves would find something to do with is the $5 million trade exception left over from Chase Budinger's trade to Indiana. However, it will remain around until July 12, so they can save it for the summer of madness that's on its way.

Where will Dwight Howard go?

The biggest story across the league is likely the Rockets' attempts to move Dwight Howard (and to a lesser extent Ty Lawson). Lawson looks like he's headed to Utah, while the main names that have come up around Dwight are Miami and Charlotte. Dwight's contract is tricky to move, and the risk remains that it would be trading for a three-month rental. Regardless of how much the Rockets want it, I think Dwight stays still.

Who wins the Channing Frye sweepstakes?

Both the Cavaliers and Clippers have deals on the table with the busy Orlando Magic for Channing Frye. The Cavs' deal involves Anderson Varejao, and the Clippers' involves Lance Stephenson and CJ Wilcox. I don't know why the Magic would take on Varejao's contract without some serious sweetener, so I suspect Frye ends up in Los Angeles.

What is the surprise move?

The Wolves' deal for Kevin Garnett first appeared late the night before the deadline. It seemed unlikely with sixteen hours to figure it out, but then things moved quickly and the deal got done. Something like that is likely to happen somewhere with some team, and that's part of what makes the next few hours a nerveracking delight.


I am always a strong advocate for twitter as a source to follow breaking news, both its content and the world's commentary on it. Today, some accounts you'll want to keep an eye on nationally are:

Beware of the fake account, trust only the verified accounts, and we'll get through this together.

Also, just in case you haven't fiddled with it yet, build whatever team you want to with ESPN's Trade Machine, already updated with trades that have gone through this week.