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Monday Musings: Reinforcing the Tank Engine

The Timberwolves have dropped their first two games following the All-Star Break. Tonight will present another tough challenge as the Boston Celtics visit the Target Center.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The tank lives on.

I'm aware that it is a bit of an overreaction to call what the Timberwolves are doing this season tanking, but it is more about a system of organizational ineptitude with roster construction that sets the team up for failure. Such as last season which was more obviously egregious when the team refused to sign a back-up point guard for most of the season, leaving games where Corey Brewer and even the famous Robbie Hummel found themselves playing the position.

This season the issue is the front court depth, which has (shockingly) became an issue after Nemanja Bjelica's confounding injury. Adreian Payne and Damjan Rudez are just not going to cut it to help out in the front court and that is even with Gorgui Dieng and Karl-Anthony Towns sharing the court on a consistent basis, which has shown mixed results depending on the opponent. This strategy, as we saw in the game against the Knicks, also strains the conditioning of both of the starting big men.

This has led us to a pattern that is all too familiar to Timberwolves fans, as it seems that the team is spiraling towards failure after the promising few games before the All-Star break. While the loss against Memphis wasn't particularly bad, it is all the more challenging to win games when the team has significant positional scarcity along with their host of other problems.

While this lack of big man issue could have been addressed at the trade deadline, it likely wasn't seen as pressing as Nemanja Bjelica had not been injured at the time. However, as of now it would be seemingly prudent to perhaps waive Andre Miller and open up a roster spot for a big man to help shore up the roster. Miller isn't likely to get significant playing time the rest of the year as the Wolves have publicly committed to getting Tyus Jones more court time. It would be a small step, but one that would likely help improve the quality of play for the rest of the season.

For happier thoughts, I present another form of tanking...

Notes Around the League

-Anthony Davis played a game of basketball last night where he scored 59 points and grabbed 20 rebounds. That seems good. Highlights Here

-According to a writer from the Vertical, Anderson Varajao has signed with the Golden State Warriors. It is unclear how much he can contribute, but he could be nice front court option for the Warriors if they are beset by injuries.

-The Detroit Pistons have asked the league for a 24-hour extension to their medical examination period (previously was 72 hours) with their trade for forward Donatas Montiejunas, as he may not be passing medical examinations due to his previous back injuries.

This Week in....Things that are Great

I have recently been watching the Netflix Original show "Love" which debuted only a few days ago on February 19th. The show is produced by Judd Apatow and stars Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs (she "Brittas" a lot in the show). Love is already making waves on the Internet as seems to becoming commonplace with some the more unheralded Netflix fare that "breakout" for a week or two, a la Master of None.

The show is, as the astute may have guessed, a romantic comedy that focuses on the burgeoning relationship between the two leads. However, the show takes its time in getting there and has been already been given by Netflix the promise of at least another season to explore the characters' relationship.

The series is definitely a subversive take on the romantic comedy genre, similar to other recent shows like "You're the Worst" on FX and the aforementioned Master of None. It's worth a watch for those looking for more light-hearted fare while also presenting a more realistic portrayal of modern romance, plus it's funny to boot.

Happy Monday