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Will Wolves Keep Greg Smith? Anthony Davis to Surgery

A few notes for your Tuesday.

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John covered last night's game very well, so not too much to add on that from me, other than to say it was one of the funner contests of the season.

In other Wolves news, the team will have to decide whether to sign Greg Smith for the rest of the season, as his second 10-day contract ends today. I presume they will do so, though they may choose to take a look at someone else instead. Meanwhile, they continue to have an open roster spot that looks unlikely to be filled for the last dozen games of the season.

Smith has been adequate, or would be if the Wolves had a decent bench, but given that he has taken over as the primary (and some nights only) bench big is perhaps a bridge too far, and certainly is telling about the Wolves reserves. When the coach would rather play a guy on a 10-day than a former first round pick or a guy signed to a three year deal, you know things have not worked out in that department.

Meanwhile, the Wolves current starting lineup is +1.4 points/100 in 426 minutes. Their second most used lineup is the starting lineup from the beginning of the year: Rubio, Wiggins, Prince, Garnett, and Towns, and that lineup is +9.1/100. Four of the Wolves top 10 most used 5 man lineups are positive, and all four share the trio of Rubio, Wiggins, and Towns.

Lesson: The Wolves need to add talent around their core.

Elsewhere, Anthony Davis is going to undergo surgery for a torn labrum, which he has apparently been playing with for the last three years. When I heard that I was gobsmacked, but I guess it isn't as unusual as I thought. This piece is quite informative about the different kinds of labral tears and treatment options. Obviously this isn't ideal for Davis or the Pelicans (and it might cost Davis a lot of money), but he should return in good form by the start of next season.

It should help the Pels tanking efforts however. They are currently the 6th worst team in the league, 4 wins ahead of the Wolves, but just behind several other teams. This should help solidify their spot.

What else is happening?

Today in history

1622: 347 European settlers killed by Native Americans at Jamestown
1638: Anne Hutchinson expelled from Massachusetts Colony
1765: Stamp Act passed by British Parliament
1790: Thomas Jefferson becomes first Secretary of State
1888: English Football League forms
1917: U.S. is first nation to recognize new Russian government
1941: Grand Coulee Dam goes into operation
1946: Jordan gains independence from Britain
1963: Beatles "Please Please Me" album released
1965: Ceausescu is elected head of Romanian Communist party
1972: Supreme Court rules all people (married or not) should have same access to contraception. 
1977: Indira Gandhi resigns as Indian PM

Today's musical birthday is Andrew Lloyd Webber, born in 1948.

Happy Tuesday. Late Update: