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Ricky Rubio Appears on the Vertical Podcast With Adrian Wojnarowski

In a wide ranging interview, Ricky Rubio discusses his younger days as a professional and where things go from here in Minnesota.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Rubio sat down with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and The Vertical for a wide ranging interview while the Wolves were in Portland last week.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Rubio touches on his early professional days in Spain, playing international basketball, and more.

Some interesting things they touch on at some length:

Kevin Garnett: Rubio has nothing but praise for KG, calling him something like a father for the team, always teaching and trying to instill a winning mentality.

Trade Rumors: He was hurt having his name out there, but understands it's a business. Felt like it was the first time he was seriously out there as a trade possibility and had concerns. Feels as if he's given everything he has to Minnesota.

On Minnesota: He loves the Cities. Feels like he's embraced it and has been embraced. Is totally invested in the project with the Wolves. Wants to keep improving, but also views a lot of what he does positively isn't box score stuff.

On point guards in the NBA: Brutally tough every night. Have to prepare with film and respect every match up, but ultimately need confidence that you can compete every night with anyone in front of you.

On Summer: Looking forward to Olympics, feels like it will help him get better and loves the opportunity to play with his friends. Still disappointed he missed 2012 Games, and wants to use it to springboard himself for next season. Says Wolves trainers agree it's a good thing.

Go listen to it.