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NBA Playoffs Day Six: Thunder at Mavericks, Raptors at Pacers, Warriors at Rockets

Three games on the docket tonight, including two series tied at 1-1. I'm only thinking about Prince though.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Today was an incredibly sad day in Minneapolis as Prince died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57.

I don't have many words at the moment, and there's nothing I could even write here that would do his life justice. He was an ambassador to the fine state of Minnesota, a true legend, and his music will live on forever. He was one of us here in the Twin Cities. Simply put: there aren't many more prominent, illustrious Minnesotans. The outpouring of affection and support today is a testament to his character and what he meant to the world. Prince was truly one of a kind.

When Flip passed away, we lost an integral part of our community and today it's heartbreaking to know that we have lost a little bit more of the magic that makes up MSP. Life is fragile. If you want to chat about Prince and share your memories with the community here at CH, please do so here. Props to Nate for writing a wonderful piece earlier today. I'm not sure I could ever say it any better than this: "He was one of us. The best of us. The coolest of us. The baddest of us. The most of us."

Of course, time never stops. All we're left to do is pick up the pieces in times of heartache. I hope you enjoy the games tonight if you tune in. There are three games on deck and the details are below with my quick predictions. Can the Mavericks and Pacers each surprise in Game 3? Will Curry remain out for Golden State? Should he even play in the first round?

Thunder at Mavericks (Tied 1-1)
6:00 pm CT

Spread: OKC -9

Prediction: Thunder by 10. KD and Russ get revenge for Game 2.

Raptors at Pacers (Tied 1-1)
6:30 pm CT

Spread: Even

Prediction: Paul George leads Indiana to the surprise win, 98-95. All of Toronto remains nervous (I just want this to happen).

Warriors at Raptors (GSW up 2-0)
8:30 pm CT

Spread: Warriors -6

Prediction: I'll go wild with this one ... James Harden and company come to play at home and Houston hangs on to win/saves face (for the night)

Chat about the games here, or talk about Prince, or Thibs, or the upcoming draft, or whatever else strikes you.