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Sunday Funday Open Thread

The first round of the NBA Playoffs continues and several teams face elimination today

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Break out the brooms!

There are four games on the slate for basketball today and a couple of them could be series ending, with Memphis and Detroit facing elimination. I for one am rooting for a swift end to this initial round of playoff basketball as we have maybe one competitive series, Toronto and Indiana, out of the bunch.

Game 1
San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies
12:00 CST ABC

Here is the first of the potential sweeps, as the Spurs will try gain themselves some rest that the old-timers will appreciate. The Memphis are basically the walking dead at this point and this would almost be a mercy ending to the Grizzlies' season.

Game 2
Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets
2:00 CST ABC

What happens when a team accidentally wins a playoff game, forcing them to reschedule their potential off-season travel plans? Do they try even harder to lose the next game? Is Golden State further causing the combustion of the Rockets by allowing them to win more games? These are the important questions of our time. Steph Curry will likely play again tonight, so the Warriors should win easily.

Game 3
Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics
5:00 CST TNT

The Celtics are another team that has been beset with injuries that will likely lead to their immediate demise. Isaiah Thomas was a force of nature on the court in the last game, single-handedly letting the Celtics avoid a sweep. It will be a tough act to repeat though and the Hawks will likely pull out a victory setting up a series ending game back in Atlanta.

Game 4
Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons
7:30 CST TNT

Is Stanley Johnson still in LeBron's head if the Pistons are swept? Find out during the next 12 hours of ESPN.

Enjoy the games