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NBA Playoffs: Raptors at Pacers, Heat at Hornets, Clippers at Blazers

Three game sixes in the NBA playoffs tonight as three teams fight for their seasons.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Raptors at Pacers
6:30 pm CDT

The Pacers suffered a monumental collapse in game five in Toronto, ceding control of the series to the Raptors despite a huge game from Paul George. George has been the best player in this series, but frankly neither team has looked like world beaters. I had a lot of faith in the Raps coming into the playoffs, but that faith has been shaken by several fairly dismal performances so far. They need to finish this off with a good road win. And Kyle Lowry needs to play like Kyle Lowry.

Heat at Hornets
7:00 pm CDT

The Hornets won a close game five to give themselves a chance to win the series at home tonight. Controversy surrounded the game as Heat fans are increasingly frustrated with the officiating, and a dubious non-call (that the NBA ultimately endorsed in their 2-minute report) on a Dwyane Wade drive at the end of the game has fueled the flames. The real issue is that the Heat have gone cold from the field after the first two games, both home wins, and the Hornets have been better able to win close, low-scoring games. They finally got hot from three in game five, which won them that one, and will look to close it out tonight. A game seven in Miami is the last thing they want.

Clippers at Blazers
9:30 pm CDT

Two reasons the Blazers want to win tonight: to clinch the series at home and not risk a game seven back in L.A. even against a Clippers team missing its two best players, and so they can get the next round started as soon as possible. The more games against Golden State without Steph Curry obviously the better for the Blazers, and if they win tonight that series begins on Sunday.

This has turned into another playoff disappointment for the Clippers who looked in control after the first two games at home. Injuries haunt, however, and without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, they really are not a very good team.

The Blazers are limited, but their star back court should see them through.

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