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Villanova Wins NCAA Title, Wolves at Golden State

A bit of this and that for your morning.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning friends. I'm tired and running late and don't have a lot to say this morning, so it's gonna be short and sweet.

First thing first: It's primary day in my state, where we will also be voting for a Supreme Court Justice.  I don't expect that one to go well. And by "well" I mean how I want it to go. Anyway, at least the presidential candidates will clear out of Wisconsin now, so that's a win.

Speaking of winning, I take it Villanova won the "amateur" championship last night on a buzzer beater, though I did not watch the game.

The entire NBA was off yesterday so as not to compete with that game, but the Wolves return to action tonight when they face the Warriors in Oakland.  Last time out against the best team in the league, the Wolves put up a strong effort before ultimately losing.  Things have gone the wrong way for the Wolves over the last few, and on the road in one of the toughest arenas in the league I don't expect that close a game again, though hopefully I'll be surprised.

Meanwhile, the Wolves are all but locked in to the 5th most ping pong balls in the lottery, as they sit 4 games ahead and 4 games behind the teams on either side of them in the standings with five games to play.

That's about all I got this morning. No time for Today in History, though if someone wants to post it in comments, feel free.

Today's musical birthday is Agnetha Faltskog, a solo artist and member of ABBA, born in 1950.