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Monday Musings: Memorial Day

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we should take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Flip Saunders.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Like many of you, I am spending my Memorial Day weekend with those close to me, so this won't be an exceedingly long post.

Memorial Day is a day when we honor those who have fallen in service to the United States, but it is often a time when we also remember others who have passed from our lives.

Flip Saunders was not able to see his vision through. We all are aware of how quickly his illness struck him and the complications that followed, which led to his unfortunate passing. He died in the process of building a team, not just any team but the NBA team that resided in the state where he played college basketball, begun his coaching career in Golden Valley, and helped truly launch a franchise during the Kevin Garnett era.

This final time around he also was working in tandem with his son, which must have also been an amazing experience for him. To do the work that you love, and Flip did love basketball, with those you also care about most deeply in life is an opportunity that few have.

Unfortunately, to see one's vision fully executed in life is exceedingly rare. Our death is our birthright alongside our toil, we often are not able to fully see through what we have embarked upon. All we can do is try, while taking special note of the times when we are able to gather with our loved ones and take a step out of the daily minutiae of life.

So I hope you all have a great Memorial Day and your weather is perfect. I know I will be outside. Hopefully you can engage someone in a discussion about how amazing the Wolves' future is. I'm sure Flip would have enjoyed that.

Happy Monday.