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Cavaliers Force Game Six, Lynx Back Home Tonight

The Cavs won in Oakland to send the series back to Cleveland for game six on Thursday.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving each scored 41 points in leading the Cavaliers to a 112-97 win over the Warriors in game five of the finals. The Warriors, without Draymond Green due to his one game suspension, went cold in the second half, scoring only 36 points including 13 in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors took an incredible 42 three pointers last night, making only 14 of them, which ultimately doomed them, while the Cavs relied on the individual brilliance of their two most gifted scorers, both of whom had strong nights. Without Green, the Warriors lacked the facilitation on offense he provides, but more importantly his ability to defend in the paint. It hurt at both ends, with only Andre Iguodala joining Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in double figures, and the Warriors bench was rendered significantly less effective, while defensively, they allowed the Cavs to shoot 53% from the floor after stifling them for most of the series. Without Green to put on James at least some of the time, he was freed up significantly, and Irving found the going much easier as well.

Green will return for Game six, which will be Thursday night in Cleveland.

The Lynx are back in action tonight, hosting the Indiana Fever at 7:00 pm CDT. The game will be on ESPN2, and the Lynx will be looking to move to 11-0 on the season. They just completed a two game road sweep of Atlanta and Washington, and are absolutely rolling. It's looking like the Lynx and Sparks are separating themselves from the rest of the league.

In Wolves stuff, Marc Stein of ESPN reports that the Wolves are interested in building a package around the 5th pick in the draft for Jimmy Butler, though there is no indication that the Bulls are prepared to trade him, or that they would be interested in a Wolves offer.

Darren Wolfson follows that up by suggesting the Bulls would only be interested if Andrew Wiggins is involved, which I would seriously consider, but most Wolves fans probably wouldn't. Wolfson also reports that:

Dragan Bender will be in on Thursday according to Wolfson. Meanwhile, Kris Dunn apparently is refusing to do individual workouts for any team, which strikes me as somewhat odd. Could be a promise, could be an injury. Rumor has it that he will work out against Simmons or Ingram but in no other circumstance. Which is the same as saying he won't work out at all, because there is no way the agents for those players will let them do competitive workouts. Something's going on, though I have no idea what.

Today in History

1381: Richard II (at, I believe, age 14) talks down a peasant revolt in England
1775: First forming of the Continental Army
1777: Continental Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes flag
1807: Battle of Friedland (Napoleon & French defeat Russians)
1846: California Republic declared, announcing independence from Mexico
1934: Hitler and Mussolini meet in Vienna
1940: Auschwitz concentration camp opens
1942: Anne Frank begins diary
1989: Groundbreaking for Mall of America
2013: Edward Snowden charged with espionage

Today's musical birthday is Boy George, born in 1961.

Tuesday. Strap in.