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Lynx Don't Lose, Kris Dunn Questions

A few quick notes. Sorry for the lateness.

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Emergency Thread!

John's internet access is problematic this morning, so I'm gonna pinch hit really quick here.

The Lynx continued their hot play last night in a home win over the Fever. Tony recapped it on the front page.  A game against Seattle precedes a huge home and home against the Sparks, which is going to be awesome.

The Finals continue with game six tomorrow night in Cleveland. Draymond Green will be back and the Warriors will no doubt be motivated to avoid a game seven.

It seems strange to me that a player who is not the top pick would refuse all workouts. Kris Dunn is, apparently, not going to work out for any teams, this follows an unwillingness to give medical reports to certain teams.  Speculation has it that he is trying to engineer himself to the Wolves...but then why not come here to workout?  Is he injured? Does he have a promise? Is this a strategy that I am failing to understand?

On the free agent front, we ran across this:

Memphis has decisions looming about how to go forward with an aging core.

This is an open thread.