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Warriors at Cavs: NBA Finals Game Six

This could be it. Or not. Game six.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors at Cavaliers
8:00 pm CDT

This is gonna be short and sweet:

The Warriors will try to end the NBA season tonight with a game six win in Cleveland. They get Draymond Green back after his game five suspension, which should help, but the Cavs will be fierce at home trying to force a game seven.

Expected lineups


Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Harrison Barnes
Draymond Green
Festus Ezeli


Kyrie Irving
J.R. Smith
LeBron James
Kevin Love
Tristan Thompson

The Warriors will be without Andrew Bogut with injury. He won't play again in the series.

Meanwhile, the U.S. MNT faces Ecuador in a Copa America quarterfinal at 8:30 on FS1.  The game is taking place in Seattle, where the fans should be raucous and pro-U.S. Making the semis of this tournament would be something of an accomplishment.

Enjoy your sports and talk about it here.