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Monday Musings: Game 7 Aftermath

Last night the NBA Finals concluded and Cavaliers were victorious

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers battled in one of the seminal games of NBA History.

The first half of the game was notable for its discrepancy in three point shooting. The Cavaliers were unable to hit from range while the Warriors were able to dominate from distance, with Draymond Green leading the way starting 5 for 5 from three. The Cavaliers were able to control the paint, and this kept them close throughout the first half, although they only hit two shots from outside the paint during this time.

Kevin Love had perhaps his best half of the finals as he battled on the boards and provided some important rebounds for the Cavaliers. Stephen Curry found himself in foul trouble once again and he finished the first half with three fouls. Neither team was really able to establish themselves with a lead during this time, but both were playing extremely opposing styles that provided the blueprint for the rest of the game.

The third quarter was defined by a series of runs, first by the Cavs who were led by Kyrie Irving (who was spectacular all game) and then by the Warriors who quickly unleashed another three point barrage and several quick buckets in transition.

The game was essentially tied going into the fourth quarter and remained close till the final buzzer. It took momentous performances from Cleveland to hold onto the victory and each of the "Big 3" had a defining moment near the end of the game. Kevin Love managed to force Curry into a difficult shot that would have tied the game, Kyrie drained the go-ahead three as he was guarded by Curry, and LeBron James had one of the best blocks I have ever seen with one his infamous chase down blocks in transition. That block will potentially be the defining image of his career.

These three plays essentially sealed the game for the Cavaliers, as both teams were struggling down the stretch and they were overcome by exhaustion and likely nerves during perhaps the biggest game of their lives.

However, this game will live forever as the cementing moment in LeBron's legacy, regardless of the roles his teammates filled during the series. The match-up was consistently billed as LeBron vs the Warriors and LeBron delivered, although Kyrie had one of the best stretches of basketball in his life as he outplayed Curry throughout the series.

This game will be properly eulogized in the upcoming weeks. The stakes were never higher, as LeBron fought for Cleveland's first championship and the Warriors were seeking to cap the most dominant season-long performance in the NBA.

For now, all that there is to say is that we were lucky to watch such a game and participate in a part of the NBA's history. So we celebrate being able to experience greatness, as it is rare to be part of something that connects so many people on a deep level. It has been a pleasure.

Happy Monday.