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Timberwolves Interested in Kenneth Faried?

According to a report, the Wolves are interested in Kenneth Faried, and the Nuggets have made him available.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It's the day before the draft, and things are happening.

The Jazz, Hawks, and Pacers engineered a three team trade that sends Jeff Teague to Indy, George Hill to the Jazz, and the 12th pick to the Hawks.

Meanwhile, everyone after the second pick seems to want to move back or out, but nobody is giving up a star, at least at this point. Chad Ford reported on the radio that the Celtics have tried for guys like Gordon Hayward, Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker, and Jimmy Butler, but have been rebuffed. Not clear what, if anything, other than the third pick they are offering.

In Wolves news...

According to a report, the Wolves are interested in Nuggets veteran power forward Kenneth Faried. We've discussed this before and Faried has his fans and detractors. One thing he does is rebound, something the Wolves desperately need help with, but he is not a great defender and does not stretch the floor. Still, he's a quality player on a very good contract (three years at roughly $39M).

Tom Thibodeau worked with Faried with the National Team at the last World Championships in 2014.

I have no idea what a deal would look like. The Nuggets have a ton of picks already, so I'm not sure they would be looking to add another.

I like the idea of exploring a deal for Faried, but of course the details matter.

This is an open thread for news and rumors.