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NBA Draft Open Thread

It's here. Time for the NBA Draft--otherwise known as hoops fans' Christmas. Enjoy and chat away.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

OK. It's finally here. The NBA draft is set to begin.

6:00 pm CDT (Pregame, draft starts at 6:30)

This is your open thread to discuss the happenings. There have been a ton of rumors throughout the day, and we'll see what comes to fruition. Will lottery picks get traded like bubblegum cards? What will the Wolves do? It will all be revealed shortly.

Here's the draft order as it now stands:

1. Sixers
2. Lakers
3. Celtics
4. Suns
5. Wolves
6. Pelicans
7. Nuggets
8. Kings
9. Raptors
10. Bucks
11. Magic
12. Hawks
13. Suns
14. Bulls
15. Nuggets
16. Celtics
17. Grizzlies
18. Pistons
19. Nuggets
20. Pacers Nets
21. Hawks
22. Hornets Kings
23. Celtics
24. Sixers
25. Clippers
26. Sixers
27. Raptors
28. Suns
29. Spurs
30. Warriors

This tool should update as the picks come in.

A note on spoiliers

I've made an executive decision: Spoil away. Feel free to post news in the thread when you learn it--this is the internet. We're not going to stop people from posting news just because of ESPN's draft show. If you don't want to know things before ESPN announces them, you will need to stay off the thread.

What to expect: John will post the news (likely pretty bare-bones) of who the Wolves pick as soon as possible after it's announced--probably within five minutes or so, unless something untoward happens. He will add editorial content as he is able.

We'll post new threads as needed.

Have a fun time tonight. Let's hope there is a lot to chew on around the league.