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Dunn a Timberwolf Following Trade Rumors

The Wolves retain Kris Dunn...for now.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This is a new thread because the last one was getting too big.

Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden met the media to discuss the Kris Dunn pick, signaling that at least for now, they were unable to complete a trade. Rumors were strong for a while that they were going to complete a deal with the Bulls for Jimmy Butler, with Zach LaVine also going to the Bulls in the deal. They also had an offer from the Sixers centered on Nerlens Noel.

And a week ago I thought it would be a relaxing draft night.

In the end, I would have made either of the rumored deals over keeping Dunn, which isn't to say I don't think Dunn as potential. I just think those deals would have been better for the Wolves overall.

Of course the real kicker here is what happens with Ricky Rubio. Thibs said at the presser that they could play together, but we've heard that before. Woj tweeted earlier in the night that Thibs has been shopping Rubio and that it appears his time in Minnesota was coming to an end. That end hasn't happened yet, and we will discuss it at length if it does.

But if the end result of this is trading Rubio for less than what I think he's worth (almost inevitable in any Rubio trade), it's not going to be a happy day at Canis Hoopus.

Meanwhile, good luck to Kris Dunn. Welcome to Minnesota.