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Post Draft Day Daily Thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Draft day has come and gone and it feels like Wolves' fans are now left with more questions than answers. What do we make of the Wolves selecting Kris Dunn with the 5th pick? Are Ricky Rubio's days in Minnesota numbered or not? Will the organization revisit any of the draft night trade rumors in the coming days, weeks, and months? And what, if anything, does last night indicate about the direction the team will be going in free agency?

I will have an article coming at some point this afternoon (like many of you, there are a lot of thoughts jumbled around in my head right now), but in the meantime be sure to read our instant reaction to the Wolves selection of Dunn.

Don't forget that Eric will be in the Cities starting tonight for the Lynx game against the Los Angeles Spark in what is sure to be a classic and that there will be a meet up before the game.