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Flashback: Providence (Dunn) vs. Kentucky (Towns) in 2014

Here's a matchup between newly drafted Kris Dunn and rookie of the year Karl-Anthony Towns when the two squared off in college in 2014.

I'm stepping into Wolves territory right now. Usually I'm in my own corner covering the Lynx but I came upon a particularly interesting video considering the players.

The game is from November 30th, 2014. It involves none other than Karl-Anthony Towns and newly drafted Kris Dunn. Dunn may have been coming off an injury, as he struggled against the mighty Wildcats with 10 turnovers. We all know how great Towns is now but remember his production was limited in college due to the star-studded roster at Kentucky. Towns had 11 points and six rebounds in 20 minutes of play. Dunn finished with six points on seven shots to go with six rebounds and three assists.

Check it out.

h/t to /u/AIRLAVINE at Reddit for finding this (source).