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NBA Free Agency: And the Madness Begins

This is an open thread for the first night of NBA free agency. Hold onto your hats.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We're here. The craziest 48 hours of the NBA year. Teams can start talking to free agents starting at 11 pm CDT, though it appears there has been plenty of talking already.

It's likely we will start hearing about agreements almost right away, as teams pursue the guys they want and players lock in money-which is going to be immense this season with the salary cap increase.

Some things to remember:

Deals can be agreed to, but not signed, until the end of the moratorium, which is July 7th.

The cap is projected at $94M, though we won't have an exact figure until the moratorium ends and the league announces it.

The Wolves have 12 players with guaranteed contracts (including Kris Dunn), and about $27M in cap space available.

Some of the names we've been hearing for the Wolves:

Luol Deng
Brandon Bass
Lance Thomas
Ryan Anderson
D.J. Augustin
Eric Gordon
Courtney Lee

I'm sure others will surface.

The Wolves waived Greg Smith today; he had a non-guaranteed contract for next season. They waived Damjan Rudez earlier, also non-guaranteed. Tayshaun Prince is a free agent who the Wolves are unlikely to bring back.

This is a thread to discuss what's happening, whose signing where, and what the hot rumors are. It should be a fun night.