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NBA Celebrates Pride Month

The NBA has designed cool t-shirts for every team to celebrate Pride month. Oh yeah, the Cavs won last night.

So here's something cool you can buy:


This is the Timberwolves version of the NBA Pride t-shirts that are available here for every NBA team. I'm always supportive of efforts to be inclusive, but I have a personal connection with this one: the proceeds from sales of these t-shirts benefits an organization called GLSEN, which works to promote safe schools for LGBT students. They do a lot of work developing curricula, doing research, and working all over the country with local schools on policies to ensure safe learning environments for all students.

My daughter works with GLSEN as a member of their national student council. (They are flying her to DC later this summer for a conference. A bunch of teenagers in DC with no parents. What could go wrong?).

You can read more about the T-shirt program from our SBN partners at Outsports.

Meanwhile, the Cavs got their first win in the NBA Finals with a 120-90 blowout at home, without Kevin Love who was held out after suffering a concussion in game two. Don't have much to say about this one: The Cavs jumped out early against a Warriors team that seemed unready to play, Steph Curry was a disaster especially early in the game, and LeBron James and Kyrie Irving dominated the ball to the tune of 51 shots between them (and 62 points).  J.R. Smith finally got hot from three, and it was plenty against a Warriors team that came out flat. The Cavs dominated the boards, shot over 50% from the field, and after the Warriors closed the gap in the second quarter, absolutely ran away in the third.

This will of course raise questions about Love's efficacy in the series, and we'll see how the Cavs approach game four on Friday assuming he's available. My view is that the Cavs were just sharper executing their stuff--better screens, more aggressive defensively, but that a lot of this is on the Warriors, who played poorly. Game four now obviously becomes massive. If the Warriors rebound and win, game three is a just a brief hiccup and they will be in commanding position heading back home. If the Cavs win, it's  a whole new series.

Today's musical birthday is Les Paul, born in 1915 (d. 2009)