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No Dunn, no fun: Wolves crushed by Cavs in third Summer League outing

Kris Dunn's absence from the meager Minnesota Timberwolves Summer League roster proved devastating as the Wolves could do very little right in a heavy defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This man could not stop the Cavalier onslaught.
This man could not stop the Cavalier onslaught.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There's really not much to say or want to remember about this game. Fifteen minutes before tip, the Minnesota Timberwolves announced that Kris Dunn would sit out this game as a part of the NBA's concussion protocol. For an example of how problematic this would be to the Wolves' chances of being even competitive in this game, here is a chart.

LVSL fga% through 2

Dunn had taken 25% of the Wolves' shots through the first two games in Vegas. Someone was going to have to take (and preferably make) those shots in his absence. It turns out that this was not the night that the Wolves were going to make very many shots.

The game started off okay, with Tyus Jones knocking own his first two looks from outside the arc. However, as the game progressed, it became increasingly clear that whenever Jones was off the floor, there was no semblance of offensive flow, let alone when both Jones and Adreian Payne were off the floor. For all of Payne's flaws, he can usually at least figure out a way to get a shot, contested or not, and without him, there was no direction of any kind.

The math problem quickly began to balloon out of control, and that was BEFORE the third quarter, in which the Cavs outscored the Wolves 29-9 to completely blow the game open. Here is another chart demonstrating the most basic reason the Wolves got totally destroyed.

LVSL game 3 fgp final

The Cavs made a ton of shots (35-64) and a ton of threes (13-27). The Wolves did neither (20-73 and 7-23). That leads to a final score like 99-68, the final score of this game. There were not many deep insights to take away, no long term conclusions to draw, no revelatory new coaching decisions or lineup structures. The Summer Wolves' roster without Dunn is not very good, and that is okay.

Highlight of the night