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Timberwolves Sign Big Man Jordan Hill

The Wolves have reached a 2 year, $8M deal with PF-C Jordan Hill, most recently of the Pacers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A Woj...firecracker?

Jordan Hill is a 29 year old big man who can play both center and power forward. He's been on four teams in his seven years in the NBA, primarily in a reserve role. Last season he played in 73 games for the Pacers, averaging just over 20 minutes a night and scoring 9 points and 6 rebounds per.

Hill is a reasonably effective rebounder, with career rebound percentages of 12.5% on the offensive glass and 22% on the defensive glass. He's not among the stronger defenders up front, but can get the ball in the basket with reasonable efficiency when the ball gets in his hands.

Overall, he's a backup quality big man, which is the role he'll play with the Wolves.

In recent seasons, he's been playing more center than power forward, which also suggests more time at the four for franchise centerpiece Karl-Anthony Towns, especially given the signing of Cole Aldrich earlier in free agency. Ultimately, I think Towns will be a five, but he is probably the best bet to guard quicker fours on the perimeter, and his own perimeter game also suits the position. I think he's more likely to have his dominant years at center, but for now, it's not the worst thing.

Signing Hill means the roster is currently at 15 guaranteed contracts, and also creates some real imbalance. Eight of the players:


can only play the power forward and/or center spots.

That's an issue which they will have to resolve somehow--either by trade or by waiving someone (presumably Payne) to make room for another wing or guard.

Rumor has it that Thibs continues to look at point guards, suggesting that either he just wants veteran cover, expects to play Dunn mostly at the shooting guard spot, or is still looking at trading Rubio this summer.

Either way, I remain concerned about the lack of depth at the wing, and thing that is something that must be addressed before the season.

Hill at 2/$8 is a reasonable though not exciting signing. He has no upside, but can soak up some minutes as needed through the season. Barring a trade, he will presumably be battling with Aldrich and perhaps to an extent Bjelica for playing time.


I didn't address this initially because I wanted to be sure I had the facts right.

In 2012, Hill was charged with felony domestic violence in Houston, TX,  stemming from an incident with his girlfriend, in which it was alleged he bruised her legs and tried to choke her. Later that year, he reached a plea deal with the prosecutor's office in which he received a one year deferred sentence and a $500 fine in exchange for a "no contest" plea.

According to an article in the L.A. Times at the time of the plea:

According to the AP, Luna sobbed on the witness stand and said Hill hit her legs with his fists, pulled her off a couch and put her in a chokehold from behind. She intends to file a civil suit against Hill, the AP said.

In 2014, the victim dropped her lawsuit against Hill, apparently because they reached a settlement, though I can find no details.