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Summer Wolves vs. Summer Grizzlies

The summer Wolves continue their Vegas odyssey with a game today against the Grizzlies. It's lose and go home time.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Summer Wolves vs. Summer Grizzlies
3:30 pm CDT

The Summer Wolves got their first win of summer league as the "tournament" part of the league got underway yesterday. They beat the Summer Spurs handily, despite missing Kris Dunn, who was out after a head injury. His availability for today's game remains unknown as of this writing, but he seems unlikely to play.

Instead, the two veterans of the squad, Adreian Payne and Tyus Jones were the top performers for the Wolves yesterday as they advanced to the final 16.

If they win, they continue to play, lose and they go home. I'm informed I'm wrong. This is not their last game no matter the outcome. Oops. Sorry all. Shows you how much I pay attention to summer league.

John will have the action for you, which reminds me to remind you to follow him on Twitter @thedailywolf.

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