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Summer Timberwolves vs. Summer Raptors: The Quarterfinals

The final 8 teams in the Las Vegas Summer League square off today for places in the semis.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Summer Wolves vs. Summer Raps
3:00 pm CDT

And we've reached the business end of this magnificent summer tournament. The Summer Wolves, after dropping their first three games, have reached the quarterfinals behind the leadership of Tyus Jones, and today face the Summer Raptors for a place in the semifinals.

It will be Jones and a bunch of guys you're unlikely to hear about again against a Raps team that beat them at the start of this Vegas odyssey. Norman Powell, Delon Wright, and Jakob Poeltl headline things for the Raps.

This will either be the end of Summer League for the Wolves...or it won't. Find out beginning at 3:00 pm, and chat about it here.