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NBA Free Agency: Timberwolves in on Marvin Williams?

The Wolves might be engaged in trying to sign Hornets forward Marvin Williams. What do we think?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

So far the Wolves have been very quiet in free agency--apparently making a lot of calls, but not making competitive offers as players are agreeing to big deals around the league.

One guy they might be working on is Charlotte Hornets forward Marvin Williams, according to a Charlotte reporter:

It's probably a long shot, as the Wolves have not shown a willingness to meet the price on the similar veteran players on the market, but it's possible.

We have to assume Williams would cost something in the range of the Luol Deng/Joakim Noah contracts: 4 years at $70+ million.

Is that something the Wolves should do?

Williams has been a decent but not great performer through most of his career. He did, however, have his best season last year with the Hornets, and has recently turned 30 years old. For much of his career, he has posted advanced stats that suggest he was a back-half quality starting forward. He leapt up to the 7th highest RPM among power forwards in 2015-16, but it seems likely that was an outlier, probably not to be repeated.

At this point, he's probably only a power forward; I doubt he can play small forward for any amount of time. He fits a need as a stretch guy who can make threes, but I don't know that he helps too much with rebounding. He's an OK defensive player, but not an impact one.

I'm not sure how likely it is that he's better than Nemanja Bjelica over the course of his contract, but certainly he adds depth and a level of certainty.

What do you think?