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NBA Free Agency: Timberwolves Quiet

As players sign all around the league, the Wolves remain quiet. How long will that continue?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A lot more free agent agreements over the past 24 hours, headlined by Al Horford agreeing with the Celtics on a five year deal. This is the big move that Danny Ainge has been looking for, and shows the value of a strong franchise and success. He chose the Celtics over remaining with the Hawks or going to the Wizards, which were his other main options.

And now the league waits for a decision from Kevin Durant, which might come today. Whether acquiring Horford makes the Celtics a more likely destination for Durant remains to be seen. Once Durant chooses, it should lead to some other things, though many of the best free agents have already decided.

Luol Deng will be with the Lakers on a four year deal. Marvin Williams chose to remain in Charlotte for four years. Courtney Lee agreed with the Knicks for four years as well.

There were a lot of other agreements yesterday, and you can keep track of them at the SBN tracker.

The Wolves have yet to add a player. Rumor has it that they might have had the largest bid for Courtney Lee, but he chose the Knicks, suggesting that the Wolves are not yet an appealing free agent destination, if they ever will be. Beyond that, there is nothing to suggest they have been close on anyone, though they have apparently been "making calls" on a lot of guys.

Whether they have a plan or are just missing out remains to be seen, though it's justifiable if disappointing that they haven't spent heavily in this extreme sellers market.

But the roster currently sits at 12: 3 point guards, 3 wings, 4 bigs counting Adreian Payne, and two broken down guys. They need help, and they need it in the form of something better than 13th-15th men.

They are also about $19M short of the salary floor, and $29M short of the salary cap.

We'll see what today brings. This is a thread to talk about it.