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Morning Pickup: Stuff from Around the Internet + Francis and the Lights

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Some Wolves stuff for your Wednesday.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you have already seen some of this stuff around the internet, maybe you have not. In case you missed out the first time around, let’s look at some Wolves related articles and social media posts over the past few days. Don’t worry, we’ll listen to some music at the end too.

NBA rookies dish on their first big purchases

Ian Begley of was at the New York Knicks training facility this past Sunday as the new class of NBA rookies took pictures for their Panini trading cards. In between shots, he talked to a handful of first-year players about their first big purchases.

Kris Dunn, Minnesota Timberwolves: [A house] for my brother. Me and my brother, we’ve been through a lot growing up and he’s starting a family. I think the best way to start a family is to have a nice home to create that family.

At first it [buying my brother a house] was exciting. Now it’s just like, 'This is what I’m supposed to do.' He'd done a lot for me growing up, he was my first father before I actually met my father. So he deserves it. He’s always been my greatest supporter, he’s always helped me through the process so, really, he don’t even have to say 'thank you.' I know he will, I know he’s going to appreciate it, but it’s just coming from my heart.

Begley also talked to some of the rookies about their 'Welcome to the NBA' moments. “Growing up I’d never seen $10,000,” Dunn said to him. “So when I got $10,000 for doing something, I was shocked.” More of these moments are sure to come. Just wait until Russell Westbrook walks out onto the Target Center hardwood next season.

Bring on the hype

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype videos for the team over the past month. I liked this one below. My only beef with it was leaving out Ricky’s game-winner over the Thunder. You can’t leave that out and expect Canis Hoopus to not notice. Otherwise, the video is pretty cool.

The Towns and LaVine bromance is growing

If you follow Karl-Anthony Towns on snapchat, which you absolutely should, then you would have seen these amazing snaps he posted. His username is ka_towns in case you were curious. It appears Towns and LaVine have been working out together at Bothell High School, where LaVine went to school, over the past two days.

Below are some posts from Zach’s Instagram account.

Workin @karltowns 3rd one today

A video posted by Zach LaVine (@zachlavine8) on

A video posted by Zach LaVine (@zachlavine8) on

Getting ready @karltowns

A photo posted by Zach LaVine (@zachlavine8) on

Andrew Wiggins Q&A

Omari Sankofa of caught up with Andrew Wiggins to chat about the Wolves in case you missed that yesterday. I especially liked this answer by Wiggins when asked about Kris Dunn:

OS: What element does he give the team at PG that’s different from what you get from Ricky Rubio, and how important is it to have two point guards who can do different things?

AW: He can do a couple different things. He’s more athletic, he’s probably quicker. But he’s a young point guard and Ricky’s been in the league for a very long time. So Ricky obviously has an advantage. Ricky has been leading this team at the point guard position for a very long time now. He’s a vet. Ricky knows all of our tendencies, what we like to do, where we like the ball and stuff like that. That’s something, obviously, that Kris Dunn’s going to have to learn in training camp. That’s where it happens.

LaVine featured in new Nike commercial

Check it out!

Musical Guest

Today’s musical guest is Francis and the Lights with “Friends.”

Via Genius:

On “Friends,” Francis and the Lights combines with rapper Kanye West as well as Bon Iver (the two of which have worked together on multiple occasions including the songs “Lost in the World” and “Hold My Liquor.”) Interestingly, following Francis' feature on the Chance the Rapper’s “Summer Friends” he gained comparisons to Bon Iver and the two combine brilliantly here. Kanye also said it was his favorite song of the year

The video to the song was released 7th July and was promoted by Chance before the video release. It was directed by Paper Towns' director Jake Schreier.