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Timberwolves Schedule: At Thunder on Christmas Day

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The Wolves make their first ever Christmas appearance. That and the rest of the news from the just released Wolves schedule.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NBA schedule was announced, and, just to confirm, every team plays 82 games.

With that out of the way, here are some Wolves schedule highlights:

They open in Memphis on October 26th, a Wednesday. (The league tips the night before, with the Spurs at the Warriors among the games). The home opener is November 1st, also against the Grizzlies. In between the play at Sacramento on the 29th.

Perhaps the biggest news of the Wolves schedule is that the Wolves will participate in the Christmas day NBA feast for the first time in their history. They will visit Oklahoma City to face the Thunder on Christmas, giving the league an opportunity to showcase what we expect to be an up and coming squad.

Other Christmas match-ups are

Celtics at Knicks
Warriors at Cavaliers
Bulls at Spurs
Clippers at Lakers

Another highlight will be December 13th, when Tom Thibodeau returns to Chicago.

I count 14 back to backs on the schedule, which seems like a small number compared to past years, though I know the league is trying to limit them.

Their longest home stand is six games in early February. They have two four game road trips, one spanning late February-early March, the other in early April as the season comes to a close.

They open with five of their first seven on the road, and close with five of their last six away from Target Center. The finish with a home-road back to back on April 11th and 12th—the Thunder at home and then at the Rockets.

The Wolves will appear on National television 19 times. Nine appearances on NBA TV, six on ESPN (including the Christmas game) and four on TNT. This seems like a lot compared to recent seasons, though I frankly prefer not to have NBA TV games.

The ESPN and TNT games are:

Nov. 17 vs. Philadelphia on TNT
Nov. 23 at New Orleans on ESPN
Dec. 8 at Toronto on TNT
Dec. 13 at Chicago on ESPN
Dec. 25 at Oklahoma City on ESPN
Jan. 19 at L.A. Clippers on TNT
Feb. 1 at Cleveland on ESPN
Feb. 24 vs. Dallas on ESPN
March 21 vs. San Antonio on ESPN
April 6 at Portland on TNT.

The Western Conference teams the Wolves only play three times are: The Mavericks, Clippers, Pelicans and Suns. They play all others four times, and each Eastern Conference team twice.

What do you notice?