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Karlito Towns: A Force for Good?

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Should we be worried about KAT’s little friend?

Karlito Towns—he’s cute. Adorable even. He conjures images of Lil Penny and the lost Magic dynasty, however, Lil Penny was the creation of an advertising team. Karlito was created from the mind of a large KAT.

In the course of this three minute video, Karlito transitions from a large KAT talking to himself, to an imaginary friend, and then to a physical object. A totem, perhaps?

Listen, if Karlito is whispering sweet nothings into large KAT’s ear, I’m totally fine with this. “Get nasty, KAT. Block Porzingis out of the building” or “Let’s go ahead and be a 7-foot Skills Challenge Champion” are great words of encouragement. Good work, Karlito.

But let’s be careful, dear readers. Let me remind you of some cautionary tales. You know who else had imaginary friends? Regan MacNeil. She was just having a fun time with a ouija board one afternoon and all of a sudden Captain Howdy showed up. Captain Howdy seems fun... at first. And then you’re dealing with this...

Danny from the Shining as well. Tony lived in Danny’s mouth, talked like a frog, and made him say things like “redrum.” If KAT starts doing finger wags after a block, we should watch out.

I’m not saying that Karlito is heading in that direction. It’s not likely, but we should be careful.

Stay vigilant.

More to come....