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Karl-Anthony Towns Is The Official Face Of The NBA 2K17 Mobile App

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Our man KAT grows ever more popular. And he’s all Minnesota.

KAT 2K17

That’s right, Canis controller jockeys, it’s the phattest KAT in Minnesota: Karl Anthony-Towns!

Hopefully, Karl’s association with 2K Sports will get him and the Timberwolves the ratings they deserve. Towns was only rated at an 86 overall, and at 89 for potential in the last 2K16 roster update - can you believe the nerve?!? We all know that his potential should be 99, or 100, realistically.

That’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully his ratings will never be abating! Also, is it just me, or does he look like he’s smuggling a spare tire under his Wolves attire?

Now, I know you probably assume ol’ Clyde is too old for video games, and you’d be exactly right, but Chris, my Canis Hoopus “secretary,” is another story:

Chris: Would anyone be interested in forming an NBA 2K17 Canis community? We have several online options: we could have a league, or we could form a team to play other groups of players, or we could just play head to head matches.

Or, would you fellow NBA video game nerds be interested in actually meeting in person and having a tournament somewhere? Remember when people played video games with other people as a social activity? I think it would be fun to meet and have a head to head tournament to determine the Canis 2K championship. I would be willing to host such an event in Red Wing, depending on how many people are interested. We could design a championship T-shirt as a prize!

Here’s KAT playing for my NBA 2K16 team. I started a franchise with the Shaq & Penny Magic and changed them into The Sunshine State Superfriends. Back to you, Clyde:

Karl smothers “Mean Dray Green!”

KAT’s rejection leads to Draymond’s dejection!
(Guard your sack against a whack, Karl!)

I say with certainty that KAT will be kicking ass and taking names, in real life and in your games!

Editor’s note: Clyde Frazier (and his alter ego Chris) will be joining us to provide his House of Highlights and more this season. We’re thrilled to have him.