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Towns Wins the Players Voice Award for Best Rookie (Duh)

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Check it out...the BIG KAT has the respect of his peers.

The National Basketball Players Association is announcing their 2015-16 Players Awards live on Twitter right now. These are the end of season awards voted on by the players in the union.

There are two parts to this:

  • 14 league-wide awards including MVP, Best Defender, Best Rookie (TOWNS!!), Best Dressed, Player You Wish Was on Your Team, and many others (the full list is below).
  • Individual "Teammate" Awards, which represent the "Best Teammate" for each team as voted on by that team's players.

You can follow live as they announce the rest of the awards on the NBPA's Twitter page here.

The full list of the Players Voice Awards includes:

  • Best Rookie
  • Comeback Player of the Year
  • Best Off the Bench
  • Best Defender
  • Toughest to Guard
  • Player You Secretly Wish Was On Your Team
  • Best Dressed
  • Home Court Advantage
  • Coach You'd Most Like to Play For
  • Clutch Performer
  • Best Social Media Follow
  • Most Influential Veteran
  • Global Impact
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Best Teammate (one per team)

Update: KG was named best teammate on the Wolves, which is not surprising whatsoever.