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Morning Pickup: Limited Upside Podcast, Dream Team, 44 Bars

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everybody! Grab a cup of coffee, or whatever you like to drink in the morning, and let’s get started.

David and I were lucky enough to join Mike Prada and Ben Epstein of the Limited Upside Podcast last night to talk about the Wolves offseason, as the two make their way through discussing each team’s summer with all of the SB Nation blogs.

You can check out the full post here at their site.

Give it a listen and tell us how wrong we are about everything. The Wolves aren’t going to the playoffs this season, smh, what is this dailywolf guy talking about? Naylor has questions about the almighty Thibs? Blasphemy! He’s most definitely going to turn the American 6ix—you know Minneapolis, home of the 612 and 651 area codes—upside down into a nine now.

Get it? No? Ugh...fine.

Explanation via Genius:

The six is a slang popularized by Drake in reference to his hometown of Toronto. The number is used because of Toronto’s main area codes: 416 and 647. As an ode to the city, Drake also set the songtime to be 4:16 long.

With his superstardom, selling upwards of 500,000 records in the first 3 days of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake has figuratively flipped the city of Toronto upside-down, making the city synonymous with his name. He shows this through metaphor by flipping the 6 to a 9.

If you would like to subscribe to the Limited Upside podcast, you can do that here.

In other stuff that you might be interested in, you can build your own dream team here. I haven’t done it yet, but let us know in the comments who can build the best team. ESPN’s real plus-minus stat will grade you.

As for today’s musical guest, I’m going to toss the mic over to Logic and his track “44 bars” off his album Bobby Tarantino. Again, this is via Genius, a website that I love when it comes to lyrical analysis:

Logic spits precisely 44 bars detailing his struggles, pain, and determination to keep working hard for his fans and passion. The track notably samples Barrington Levy’s “The Vibes Is Right.”