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Karl-Anthony Towns’ Twitter Q&A is another reason he’s awesome

Everyone’s favorite 20-year-old basketball player took to Twitter for a Q&A Thursday night and reminded everyone why he’s the best.

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If by now Karl-Anthony Towns isn’t your favorite human being, maybe this will change your opinion.

After spending the week smacking home runs at the John Calipari Celebrity Softball Game and engaging with NBA 2K video game creators, the 20-year-old phenom took to his Twitter account for a question and answer session with fans.

And some of the answers he gave were legendary. He was funny, he was charismatic and he was sentimental. I would suggest that he run for President, but I will refrain from it simply because I selfishly want him to be a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves for as long as possible.

Plus, it appears as if KAT likes it in Minnesota, so why force him to be the President just yet?

I’m personally a Minnesota Vikings guy as much as I am a Timberwolves guy, so when he mentioned a Super Bowl parade in Minnesota it gave me a fuzzy feeling inside.

Not that this is surprising, but Towns’ GIF game is also strong.

Throughout the Q&A, Towns was asked about Kevin Garnett and the advice he has given. Per usual, the reigning Rookie of the Year gushed about KG. But when he pegs KG’s posterization of Blake Griffin as his favorite play of the year instead of his own game-winning basket, that says something, right?

Remember when we were concerned about New York media hyping up Kristaps Porzingis as the Rookie of the Year when Towns was actually blowing him out of the water? Yeah, I don’t think it phased KAT.

The No. 1 reason I love this dude, though, is because of the way he talks about bringing championships to Minnesota. It’s like an obsession for him — which is a good thing.

But his best tweet of the night has to be a reply to a Lakers fan, who had asked him about his motivation. Instead of just saying something along the lines of, “winning championships,” -- which would have been a terrific answer — he instead throws shade at the Lakers at the same time. He is aware of the dislike Wolves fans have toward the Lakers and decided to subtly join the crowd.

You’ve been asked this probably 435 times, but still. How, in any way, could someone dislike this kid?