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Timberwolves Camp Opens in a Week, WNBA Playoffs Open Wednesday

The calm before the NBA storm, as teams gear up to open training camps next week. The Wolves have media day on Monday. Meanwhile, the WNBA playoffs start tomorrow, with the Lynx set to get started next week.

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Good morning. Sorry for the lack of content the last few days; there just isn’t much going on, and I failed to get an open thread up yesterday. We’ll get ourselves together.

There still isn’t much going on in Wolvesdom. The team announced that every game will be on television this season, with 75 on either FSN or FSN+, in addition to some games on national television. I wonder if FSN is expecting a big ratings increase this season.

Other than that...I think Average Jer put it best on twitter:

That’s about where we are. I am itching for the season to get going, and not just for content purposes. I really want to see how this team changes under Tom Thibodeau, which of the young guys get better, and I just really want to consume some basketball.

Media day is next Monday (John will be on hand), and then camp gets started. Most of the guys are already in town and working out.

The WNBA playoffs start tomorrow with two single elimination match-ups between the 5th-8th seeds: The Phoenix Mercury at the Indiana Fever and the Seattle Storm at the Atlanta Dream. The Lynx don’t start their playoffs until a week from tomorrow, with their opponent to be determined by the single elimination rounds.

Today in History

451: Romans defeat Attila the Hun in Gaul, halting his advance 1066: Harald of Norway defeats Northern Saxons in Yorkshire 1187: Saladin begins siege of Jerusalem 1519: Magellan begins first successful circumnavigation (though he does not survive) 1664: Maryland passes 1st law prohibiting racial intermarriage. It would be 300 years (Loving v. Virginia) before such laws came off the books 1814: "Star-Spangled Banner" published as a song 1881: Chester A. Arthur sworn in as president 1932: Gandhi begins hunger strike in protest of treatment of "untouchables" 2001: George W. Bush announces "The War of Terror" before congress

Meanwhile, my daughter has been working to perfect her red beans and rice recipe; so far we think salt pork works the best, but she's open to suggestions on other options. We've been occupied with legumes recently; I'm reading a bunch of cassoulet recipes looking for one to try; it's a long process and the one time I did it before it didn't really work out, so if I do it again I want to have more confidence.

What have you all been cooking? Let's talk about food today.