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SB Nation Theme Video: The Trade Deadline

Hey, SBN made us a video!

SB Nation has created short videos for each team regarding the trade deadline. Nothing earth-shaking of course; we are well aware of the Wolves needs.

I would still like them to explore acquiring another wing player, preferably one with size. A power forward who can either guard in space or shoot from distance would also be welcome. From a trade perspective, the Wolves also lack valuable assets they would be willing to part with.

I’m sure Thibs and Scott Layden are willing to move certain guys: Shabazz Muhammad, Adreian Payne, Tyus Jones, Nemanja Bjelica, and perhaps Cole Aldrich, but it’s difficult to see getting an upgrade using those guys. Jones might have some value around the league and appears to be the odd man out of the point guard rotation, but it’s not clear what you could get in return. Possibly a marginally useful roster-balancing move.

Ricky Rubio likely continues to be available at least notionally, since I continue to believe that Thibs doesn’t see him as the long term point guard for the Wolves, but moving him mid-season seems unlikely. Not only do they not have a suitable replacement, but there is little reason to expect a team to meet the Wolves asking price now if they didn’t before.

It’s always smart to bet on nothing happening for the Wolves, as trades are very difficult to complete. Furthermore, Tom Thibodeau seems content to play out the season with the current crew and wait until summer to make changes.

I was certain they would add another wing by now, even if was someone out of the D-League, but they haven’t. There is no particular reason to expect that to change in the weeks before the deadline. There have been opportunities (Hollis Thompson anyone?) they have shown no interest in, and at this point I don’t expect anything.

Quiet is boring, but often the correct play.

Are you looking forward to the trade deadline?