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Clyde’s House of Highlights: Rubio and Bazz Blast the Rockets

Rubio controlled the flow like a true maestro!

Hey there my canine compadres!

My main man, John Meyer the High Flyer is all over the recap, so let’s get straight to the highlights:

The story begins and ends with my Spanish friend, Ricard Rubio i Vives, who served up seventeen dishes on the evening. His name befits a true maestro, running the show and controlling the flow like the ultimate pro!

Mr. Towns wanted in on the action, chipping in five assists himself. When Wiggins put his foot on the gas, Karl found him for a touchdown pass!

James Harden continually drives and draws, but tonight he found himself at the mercy of The Big KAT’s claws!

Wiggins helped the Wolves start strong, and he also helped finish off the Rockets with his signature brand of spinning and winning!

Even though the Wolves dismantled the Rockets like a wrench, they sure couldn’t have done it without their bench. Shabazz filled in for LaVine when it came to dashing and smashing in transition!

And Brandon Rush brought many a Wolves fan glee by racking up the blocks and threes!

I was impressed by this young team’s refusal to quit, even when they had to stomach this bullshit:

But hey, they got it done.

As Benzie said, “Boy, this is fun!”

As you may know, an appreciation for the silly is what I’ve got, so I’ll leave you with a video and GIF of Chomper blowing snot: