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Hey Wolves fans,

I'm a contributor over at Sactown Royalty and I would say 60-70% of Kings fans are interested in trading for Ricky Rubio. As I'm sure you're aware, there aren't too many teams that would be interested in the young guard. The only other teams who I can think of would be Chicago, Orlando, or maybe Denver. We all know that the Kings have been interested in Rubio for a while now and I have a couple of different trade proposals for you that are trade machine approved. Always feel free to swing by Sactown Royalty and offer your own trades as well!

Trade 1

Sac: Rubio, Muhammad

Min: Collison, Cauley-Stein, Barnes

This trade would have to occur after Jan 31st so you guys can medically retire Pek or could include a filler player to make the rosters balance, but I think Thibs might like this trade. Collison obviously becomes your stop-gap point guard, Cauley-Stein is another defensive weapon for Thibs to use, and Barnes is that veteran "tough guy" that your coach seems to love. We could also swap out Afflalo for Barnes seeing as how Arron's contract is only guaranteed for $2 million next season if you wanted an expiring.

Trade 2

Sac: Rubio, Muhammad

Min: Collison, Gay

A very similar trade, but in this case you swap out the potential of Cauley-Stein for the immediate talent of Gay. Rudy could become your main bench scorer and provide you with some much needed depth. Rudy's defense has actually been really good this year as well and could help on the perimeter. I could imagine the Wolves closing games with Dunn/Collison, LaVine, Wiggins, Gay, and KAT.

Those are a couple of my thoughts and unless we can get Dragic or you guys find a better suitor, my prediction is that Rubio ends out in a Kings uniform around the deadline. If you have any tweaks to the ideas, throw them in the comments and I'll be happy to take them over to Sactown Royalty.