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Episode 1: Return of the Canis Hoopus Podcast

[Extremely Chance voice] And we back, and we back, and we back, and we back.

Dear Canis Hoopus,

We’re back! With the help of Chris Riazi and Dane Moore, two of our writers here, we have revived the old CH Podcast. Download the podcast on iTunes here. You can also listen on SoundCloud (see below).

We recorded this episode on Monday night so there’s no discussion about last night’s putrid performance in Philadelphia, but that’s probably for the better.

As always, we appreciate feedback and certainly hope you enjoy the podcast. We had some technical difficulties with my microphone volume but it’s still fine. I also still haven’t taught my dog how to bark at hot takes, though he did a pretty good job of not ruining the first podcast with his usual puppy antics.

Show Notes:

1:00 — Introductions & Canis pronunciation

3:11 — Portland game & 3rd quarters

4:01 — The “Baby Big 3”

4:44 — East Bay Funk

5:29 — Goals of the podcast and an overview of Canis Hoopus

8:37 — What are we disappointed in?

12:31 — Increase in 3s and Zach’s shooting

15:54 — Towns’ perimeter game

18:39 — Town’s defense and the Wolves’ general defensive issues

25:38 — Wiggins’ assists + KAT assist hunting?

33:15 — Zach’s development minutes, LaVine vs. Wiggins

40:48 — Perspective

44:30 — A jarring transition to a discussion about the bench and Tyus

62:22 — This is cool

70:29 — Don’t Wish Me Well


Update as of 5:35 CST

A quick message from Clyde:

And remember Canis Hoopers, your support is essential to keeping this podcast going. Although I'm in the Hall of Fame, I've got no shame when it comes to begging for subscriptions and five star reviews on iTunes. Your support will help us thrive as we strive to bring a Canis Hoopus podcast to the masses!