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Clyde’s House of Highlights: Wizards Whup Wolves

Wall to Gortat, Wall to Gortat, Wall to Gortat...

In the recap, Dave did a good job of summing things up, so let’s watch how the Wizards whupped the pups:

Over and over again, John Wall commanded the D and then found the Wizards’ Big G!

Wall’s dribble attack helps Gortat dunk like Shaq!

Now watch Marcin bully belly with the savage seal:

The way Wall is feeding Gortat, the Wizards better hope Marcin doesn’t get fat!

Wall and Gorat picked the Wolves apart all night, but at least Wiggins put up a fight!

Andrew took it to the hole strong, all night long:

The wild and woolly pup just wouldn’t give up:

This baseline jam made Ol’ Clyde say, “Damn!” Most guys that fell on their ass like that would break like glass hit with a bat!

Like Jim Pete says, it’s sheer want-to. To see a great performance wasted is sad, but the Wolves defense was really, really bad. Tomorrow night, let’s hope Wiggins continue to play with fire and desire, and when Gobert tries to protect the glass, Wiggins better put him on his ass!

Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images