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Wolvescast: Season Preview 2017-2018

Canis Hoopus and Wolvescast: Together at last!

Editor’s note: We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting Wolvescast this season. Neil Olstad covered the Lynx for us all summer and produced the terrific Lynx Dynasty podcast, and Scott Olstad has recently joined our writing staff at Canis Hoopus. They describe the pod as “A variety show about our favorite team. Hosted by real life brothers.” I’m sure you will enjoy it. —EiM.

A preview of the upcoming Timberwolves season. First, a breakdown of potential strengths and weakness of the team. Then we discuss which players are most likely to be in Thibodeau’s doghouse, lead in social/political issues, or be way better than last season. Finally in “Predict It” we conjure a season-long prediction and compare possible Wolves win totals.