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A Canis Exclusive: Andrew Wiggins and Dane Moore Discuss Life Off The Basketball Court

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I had Andrew Wiggins on my new podcast and we discussed his favorite video game, Call of Duty amongst other things that fill Wiggins’ life off of the basketball court.

Andrew Wiggins plays a lot of Xbox, so he came on my podcast The Hypothetical Timberwolves Show and we discussed his favorite video game, Call of Duty.

When not in the gym, Wiggins hides in plain sight as just another 22-year-old playing in the online gamer community. His whole off the court routine serves as a re-charge of sorts for Wiggins and video games present his escape from reality.

We also discuss his massive five-year, $146.5 million contract extension but mostly focus on how he sees this Timberwolves team coming together both on and off the court in 2017.

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