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Social Status: Wolves on Social Media

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As the 2017-2018 gets underway, here’s your comprehensive list of players’ social media accounts and what to expect.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

It’s official, the leaves are falling, the basketballs are bouncing, and the NBA #kahntent is once again flowing. The 2017-2018 season is underway, and with extensive roster turnover this past summer, it’s time to look at who made the Wolves final roster (and more importantly, what their social media presence looks like).

Below is a quick list of each player’s top social media accounts (if available) and a short description of what to expect. Without further’s your second annual “Wolves Social Status.”

Karl-Anthony Towns

Twitter: karltowns
Instagram: karltowns
Snapchat: ka_towns

What to expect: KAT spent his summer on social media sharing his workout regiments in LA, diversifying his financial portfolio with a wide variety of corporate partnerships, and expanding his voice on social matters. Most importantly though, he also spent some time with real, actual cats to learn how to handle pressure in a cut-throat environment and what it’s like to be the king of the jungle.

A post shared by Karl-Anthony Towns (@karltowns) on

As KAT continues to develop his game on the court, expect his “brand” on social media to also grow and expand.

Jimmy Butler

Twitter: jimmybutler
Instagram: jimmybutler
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: While KAT may be the best player on the Wolves, Jimmy “Buckets” Butler is easily the best follow online. Whether he’s hanging out with A-List celebs like Mark Wahlberg, playing catch with his bestie Antonio Brown, or showing his skills on a pianola, Jimmy continues to bring it on and off the court.

a few piano lessons never hurt anybody...

A post shared by Jimmy Butler (@jimmybutler) on

While the All-Star veteran will look to bring leadership and maturity on the court this season, don’t expect his competitiveness off the court to wane whatsoever when the cards are dealt.

keep your family close but your cards closer! @karltowns

A post shared by Jimmy Butler (@jimmybutler) on

Andrew Wiggins

Twitter: 22wiggins
Instagram: 22wiggins
Snapchat: wiggins22

What to expect: While the 22-year old out of Thornill, Canada has 146.5 million reasons to flex on social media, don’t expect Andrew Wiggins to “turn up” any more on social media than he does in interviews or on the court.

After extensive research, its very clear that Andrew is a simple man who loves three things - Call of Duty, his dog (Cassie), and his tight-knit #squad.

A post shared by Andrew Wiggins (@22wiggins) on

For a man whose net worth already is (approximately) 146.5 million times greater than my own, Wiggins still appears to be a humble kid online who uses his Snapchat account just like you or I do - to post selfies and videos of him watching TV in bed with with furry animals.

With his enormous contract behind him, it will be exciting to follow Wiggins over the next half decade as he continues to come into his own. #SecureTheBagAlert

Taj Gibson

Twitter: tajgibson22
Instagram: tajgibson22
Snapchat: tajgibson22

What to expect: No collection of social media accounts better reflects a player than Taj Gibson’s. While there isn’t a ton of flair or substance (or content) coming from Gibson’s accounts, following Taj does gives you a brief glimpse into his love for his family/friends and his dedication to being in the gym:

Always working ! #teamadidas #GodGotMe @dmn_1of1

A post shared by Taj Gibson (@tajgibson22) on

Jeff Teague

Twitter: teague0
Instagram: jeffteague
Snapchat: teaguehuh

What to expect: The leader of “Team Teague,” Jeff spent some of that fresh $57 million he got this summer on a new multi-purpose basketball facility in Indiana that provides training, classes, pro-am leagues, and a variety of other hoops-related activities.

When Teague isn’t focused on his entrepreneurial hustle, you may find him working the pits at an Indy car race, attending charity softball games, or playing on the G.O.A.T. video game system:

Best system of all time? S/o to the plug

A post shared by OG Teague (@jeffteague) on

As for his Twitter game? Well, there’s not a lot of substance there either, but at least we can confirm that Jeff can still log on:

Shabazz Muhammad

Twitter: shabazzmuhammad
Instagram: bazz
Snapchat: phenom15balla

What to expect: It’s been a year since the first edition of this article was posted, and when it comes to Bazz (pronounced “Bozz” by the way), not much has changed. Muhammad still fancies himself a fashionista, and when he’s not in the lab, you’ll find him strolling away New York Fashion Week and/or showing off his extensive collection of kicks.

Considering how much the cameras love him, if there was a side bet on which Wolves player would most likely end up dating a Kardashian, Bazz would presumably be a heavy favorite:

When they know your outfit littt lol

A post shared by Shabazz Muhammad (@bazz) on

Tyus Jones

Twitter: tyusjones06
Instagram: 1tyus
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: Andrew Wiggins isn’t the only one adding a member to the Wolves family. Welcome aboard, Duke Stones Jones (fantastic dog name by the way). Between posting pics of his various basketball camps, digging up old Duke “Throwback Thursdays,” and hanging out in DJ Skee’s Space Mobile, life for Tyus Jones seems extremely follow-worthy.

A post shared by Tyus Jones (@1tyus) on

Jamal Crawford

Twitter: crossover
Instagram: n/a
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: Armed with only a Twitter account, “J Crossover” brings more positivity than four-point plays (and he’s pretty good at those, too). If you’re a member of Team #RiseAndGrind, then maybe you would like Crawford’s version of “Another Day, Another Opportunity.”

While technically repetitive, Jamal’s main point still stands: another day is another opportunity. In a time when social media can be a very dark place for people to visit, mixing in some of Jamal’s positivity and fresh-thinking is like adding some kale to your fast-food diet.

Gorgui Dieng

Twitter: gorguidieng
Instagram: gorguidieng
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: Let’s keep this real simple - Gorgui has posted 72 times on Instagram since October 2, 2016, and not one of those posts has come remotely close to topping this:

A post shared by Gorgui Dieng (@gorguidieng) on

KAT, if you’re reading this, please let Gorgui know about all the new features on Snapchat and Instagram and urge him to spend more time on social media and less time scuffling with JaVale McGee.

Justin Patton

Twitter: justinpatton17
Instagram: justin_patton23
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: Who wouldn’t want to follow a NBA rookie on social media? Because of his injury, Patton’s role on the court is TBD, but his (potential) role on your timeline will involve an influx of millennialism - repping new clothing companies, deep (somewhat confusing) captions, and extreme use of hashtags. #SitDown #BeHumble

Staying out the way : @chiefsoreface #rockstarlifestyle #BeHumble #JP24

A post shared by Justin Patton (@justin_patton23) on

Nemanja Bjelica

Twitter: nemanjabjelica
Instagram: nemanjabjelica8
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: If you’re a long-time follower of Belly, you’ll know that this summer was an... um... “adventure” for his hairstyle. (Miss you, Zach!)


A post shared by Nemanja Bjelica (@nemanjabjelica8) on

Repping a fresh cut and dropping an “8” from his jersey, a fully-healthy Bjelica seems primed for a major leap this season on the court. The forward from Serbia just recently welcomed his second child to the world, so if baby pics are your thing, Belly is your guy.

Cole Aldrich

Twitter: colea45
Instagram: colea45
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: As I noted last year, anyone who follows Cole knows he’s an extremely easy-going dude who loves his wife, traveling, and taking an active role in his community.

Whether he’s packing backpacks for school children in his home state or traveling the world to volunteer in places like Peru, Aldrich seems like an honest dude who is using the game of basketball to give back to the less-fortunate. That type of personality could land Cole a solid career post-basketball:

I have a sweet tooth to be President.

A post shared by Cole Aldrich (@colea45) on

Aaron Brooks

Twitter: thirty2zero
Instagram: n/a
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: The former Oregon Duck isn’t on social media that often, but does have a #FlameEmoji Twitter handle and occasionally retweets funny Kahntent online. Other than that, Brooks mostly uses his account much like you or I - to cheer for his favorite teams (Mariners, Seahawks, Ducks).

Marcus Georges-Hunt

Twitter: gtmgh3
Instagram: _mgh_3
Snapchat: n/a

What to expect: Last but not least. Little is known about the undrafted product out of Georgia Tech, but after a social media deep-dive, it does appear that MGH is raising the next Zach LaVine (still miss you Zach!):

If you’re a fan of social media, make sure you also check out the Wolves official team accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (timberwolvesmn).