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Sunday Cup of Canis: What Happened Last Night

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Taking in last night’s NBA action.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

7:51 pm Saturday: I’m writing this Saturday night, which should tell you all you need to know about my social life or lack thereof.

About to watch Thunder-Jazz to a) see Ricky Rubio again, and b) to get a look at the Thunder who the Wolves face in Oklahoma City tonight.

I saw the Thunder against the Knicks in both teams opener. They obviously need some time to integrate Paul George and Carmelo Anthony into the offense which was dominated by Russell Westbrook last year. Against the Knicks, he was making fewer forays to the rim, but the Thunder offense was often one-pass-then-hoist by George or Anthony. It wasn’t pretty.

They do look like they will defend, however, with Andre Roberson providing wing defense and Steven Adams toughness up front. And they’re gonna rebound, even without Enes Kanter. The Wolves will have to be strong on the glass to match up.

7:58 pm: Approaching halftime, both the Cavs (vs. Orlando) and the Warriors (vs. Memphis) are struggling. The Warriors have shown no interest in stopping anybody through 2 and a half games so far this season. They probably don’t need to bother, and it should make the games entertaining.

The Cavs are starting Jose Calderon at point, and have gotten nothing from anyone not named James or Love.

The Blazers are looking to get off to a 3-0 start in Milwaukee. It’s early there.

8:12: Frustrating aspect of LPBB this year is that it won’t let you access a game until it has started, and they often delay. Last night I missed the first three minutes of the Wolves game.

Jazz turning it over early, down 6-0. Jumpers for OKC.

Joe Ingles can shoot it. Threes from each corner.

8:20: Without Joel Embiid tonight, the Sixers look likely to go to 0-3 on the season. Getting blitzed in Toronto in the third quarter, down 26. DeRozan with 30.

Similarly, Mavs getting clubbed by the Rockets at halftime. Harden with 26 at the break.

Donovan Mitchell with a couple of nice drives-and-dishes to Gobert for dunks.

8:30: Thunder forcing a bunch of live-ball turnovers. George, others quick into passing lanes. Wolves will have to value the ball.

Rubio with the sweet drive-and-dish to Udoh for the and-1. Jazz up six. Defending well, but Thunder don’t run much stuff. One pass and shot.

8:35: Despite seven turnovers, Jazz up seven after one. Thunder went cold, all jumpers.

Jazz really defend. Nothing easy underneath. Even when Gobert is on the bench.

8:43: Thunder forced to a timeout, only 16 points in 15 minutes. Utah up 25-16.

Giannis has 21 at halftime. Bucks up five on Blazers. Sad for me that Bucks are blacked out for me on league pass.

8:52: Magic up 23 on Cavs to start 4th. James and Love have 41, nobody else with more than seven for Cavs. Really could use a healthy IT. Have nobody but James who can break down defenses with dribble.

Thunder can’t hit anything. Bad feeling these will go in tomorrow.

8:58: Thunder finally go over 20 points with 3:30 left in half.

First final of the night: Toronto 128, Philly 94.

9:09: Thunder finally found some shooting, in the person of Paul George mostly, and close to within 10, 44-34 at halftime.

Meanwhile, Spurs cruising to a win in Chicago, up 20 late. Aldridge with 28, but the Bulls just don’t have anyone who can score.

Knicks and Pistons close late, Porzingis with 32. Neither of these teams is good.

Magic close out the Cavs 114-93.

Pistons up 3 with 45 seconds to go. Tobias Harris with a sweet spin and jumper, has 31.

Rockets close out Mavericks in a blowout. Heat hang on to beat Pacers.

Pistons make key plays, Knicks don’t. Pistons win.

9:30 Grizzlies beat Warriors by 10; bizarrely poor shooting night for Warriors, but 111 points given up to the Grizz. Gasol with 34.

Ricky keeps making technical free throws. Jazz up 12.

Thunder hot from 3 in third.

Rubio struggling with his shot, but aggressive, just drives and feeds Gobert for dunk.

9:45: Jazz up 16 after three. They really guard. Ricky knows he’s gonna play and have the ball, so he’s taking more chances, for good and ill.

Ray Felton keeping Thunder in this. Yes, you heard right.

9:55: Quick run gets Thunder within seven. Turnovers are obviously an issue for the Jazz.

Russ has been very quiet. 1-10 from the field. Three points.

10:02: Bucks win a barn burner at home, 113-110 over Portland. Blazers might be better than expected. Giannis just had 44 on 17-23 shooting. That’s all.

10:10: Rubio steal leads to bucket, Jazz up 15 with three to go. In control. Thunder big three is 21-55 from field.

Westbrook leaves game with six points. He was basically invisible, which is amazing for Westbrook.

Thunder were not impressive. Jazz are terrific defensively, but Thunder have things to figure out. 96-87 final, and it wasn’t that close.

Don’t forget, Wolves at Thunder at 6 pm tonight, on FSN.