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Preseason in China: Wolves take on Warriors

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The Wolves take on the Warriors on the other side of the world

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NBA: Preseason-Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Wolves vs Warriors
1:00 AM - CST
Shenzhen Universiade Center

The Minnesota Timberwolves have traveled all the way to China in order to play the Golden State Warriors. As part of the league’s continued efforts to build up the NBA brand abroad, the Wolves are participating in two exhibition games, both of which are against the Warriors.

The Wolves, in true Thibs fashion, have been spending their trip inside of the gym. Reportedly with little time to even step off the plane before practice begins. This is in direct opposition to the Warriors who have been spending their time sight-seeing. But those are the perks of being the residing champions who do not need these tune-up games.

However, without this trip, we would not have this amazing picture.

Anyways, there is basketball to be played tonight (or rather in the early morning) if anyone is brave enough to stay up to watch the game. This is only a preseason, which means that it is entirely meaningless as it pertains to actual success in the regular season, but it is always helpful to see how the team stacks up against the championship favorites.

The Warriors have little incentive to give it their all tonight, but the new-look Wolves will certainly work hard to prove that all the hype around this team is for real. The Wolves have also been one of the few teams to play (relatively) well against the Warriors during their domination of the league in the last few years.

With the additions of Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Jeff Teague, the Wolves certainly have more firepower, and hopefully enough defense, in order to keep up with the Warriors.

The Warriors have experienced little change over the offseason, with the only additions to the team being the infamous Nick Young and, briefly former Wolf, Omri Casspi. The team, obviously, still is the most dominant collection of players that the NBA has seen in recent years. No team has been able to keep up with their blend of speed, athleticism, skills, defense, and shooting. They are still, by far, the best team in the NBA and are in a tier unto themselves.

But as for tonight, none of that really matters. Tonight exists to help bring Basketball to new audiences across the world and it is amazing that the Wolves were selected to be part of that effort. Hopefully, those who watch will be treated to an exciting game and the new Wolves roster proves that they are worthy of being considered an adversary to the Colossus that is the Warriors.

Projected Starting Lineups


  • Jeff Teague
  • Andrew Wiggins
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Taj Gibson
  • Karl-Anthony Towns


  • Stephen Curry
  • Klay Thompson
  • Kevin Durant
  • Draymond Green
  • Zaza Pachulia

Let’s have some fun.